To Feel:

Moddhorate balconite,
ekla eka dariye achi
Dur akase megher fake,
dekhche bujhi tarar raji

An-monete takiye dekhi,
taragulo lagche chena
Tarar jhilik eki ache,
nijei jeno ek ochena

Moner vetor korche kemon,
smritir pata ulte giye
Dur probashe moddhorate,
akash pane tai takiye

Sopno hajar rongin onek,
sesob niyei boro houa,
Ajke eshe ei obelai,
sob e bujhi mithhe koua

Kemon kore katche jibon,
nijer kache mitthe bole,
Kie ba hobe vebe vebe,
dinguloto jacche chole

To say:

Somewhere in the midnight,
As I stand on the balcony,
Clinging on to my blanket close,
I witness a stream of stars,
Glistening through the blanket of clouds,
That seemed to have suddenly arose

Absent-mindedly I stare at them,
Their glittering familiarity beckons me near
The same soft glow of the stars – unchanged
And here I stood there with my identity – hazed

With conflicting emotions within I embark on a road left behind
Where on a similar night I had stared towards the sky,
Then witnessing my own life through a rose-tinted mind

Don’t we all grow up this way
Relying on the pin-fat-book of dreams,
And then realising at one midnight
That nothing’s left but empty screams

And then that is how life treads on,
Lying to the mirror with a fake smile
When tired of questioning fate
At each sunset I count yet another crossed mile
P.S: I have never had a formal education in Bengali (though it is my mother tongue), all my vocabulary is courtesy the books my mother had introduced me to – her painstaking efforts to establish a bond with what then seemed merely black prints. So I apologise for the bad translation – this is the best I could conjure!
But its true that though I think in English, communicate in a myraid of languages, I always feel in Bengali and am glad for that 🙂