Am all of a sudden engulfed by a feeling of running out of faith … Maybe because I am scared of losing out on yet another new venture and be surrounded by “over-before-it-began” syndrome. And just like each time I turn to the mirror to instill faith in me – because there’s nobody who knows my fears better than the girl in the mirror. She spoke with me and spoke of all these pictures below and asked me to share of how they all depict faith to me:
Faith – that someday I shall find a country road that shall lead me home – ‘to my home’!
Faith – that someday after all those wishes come true I shall again enjoy a Banana crepe (and chips!) topped with banana ice –cream! (Because she said that if I didn’t have the faith I wouldn’t have given up my favourite fruit right?)
Faith – that he shall always provide an answer to me amongst the pages of Gita like he has all these years!
Faith – that I shall soon be laughing over a Sgroppino and shall not be stopped after the 4th one!

Faith – that I shall again believe in magic
Faith – that I shall soon give up another of my ‘weak moments’ accompaniment
Faith – that once again I won’t feel out of place in an old environment

Faith – that the one pressed in between pages of my favourite book will come back to life!
Faith – that we shall all sit on that wall, dangling our legs and be transmogrified to the ‘best days of my life’!
Faith – that I shall always wake up at home to be handed over the ‘babyji-wali-chai’
Faith – that this time my boat of hopes will not capsize
Faith – that I shall get over my weird imagination spells and finally grow up
Faith – that someday I’ll truly be the biker babe!
Faith – that my kids will know the fun to run amidst the “Kaash phool” (cotton flowers) when the smell of the impending Durga Puja engulfs the air
Faith – that I shall always be made to feel loved when I deserve it the least!
Faith – that I shall never run out of my marshmallow nail paint!
Faith – that each one of the diyas I have lit will continue to burn till the prayers turn into reality!
Faith – that life will devise its own ways to filter out impurities
Faith – that all obstacles in life can be gulped down with a shot of tequila and some fun people around!
Faith – that we shall fly into the most romantic sunset – Together!
Faith – that family ties shall always remain intact like the happy pictures on the mantle
Faith – that I shall see life in high colour mode in a scorching desert summer again!
Faith – that some phone wallpapers shall always have me in them
Faith – that she shall one day call our names out and remember each and every bit of our childhood
Faith – that some colours of life shall never fade
Faith – that I shall master a new art soon and not feel stagnated
Faith – that there awaits a brilliant sunrise for me, when I don’t have to wait for a judgment day
F – From

A – anonymity

I – into

T – trans-real

H – happiness

…I hope this journey of faith comes true!