I hate it when people wake me up on a Saturday with absolute no regard to the fact that Saturday means sleeping till your body can’t take any more of your pink bed sheets. Aah that’s Sunday did you say – Nah not for me because Sunday means dance ballets early morning followed by the weekly hisaab of the dhobi, doodhwala and the newspaper wala (am the juggling diva :))!!!
So when BF1 woke me up today, I swear I could forget all those diaper bonding memories and kill her without a glint of remorse on my face! Her ecstatic screams made me fetch the morning newspaper. There as I rummaged through black little letters lay the most important news of her life – her most coveted slimming spa was giving a special package!!!! It was supposedly a dream affair and I was to go with her! I flatly refused – these places irk me, repulse me and somewhere I come back from them to dream of pot bellied men slurping on ice cream while doing the treadmill!!! (yea weird!)
Dunno whether it was her sans husband depressive voice or her emotional ‘dosti duhai’ that made me land up there with her. As we sat in the waiting area looking at “Before” “After” photos and thank you cards, I had the urge to call one of those whose plastered smiles were making me puckish and ask if they really felt all confident, sexy, bold and beautiful and whether there was something else that was drained out to make them feel that way along with the excess lymphatic fat!!! Anyways as I lectured my friend that Salsa was a much better way of figure correction and that her gorging into a chocolates as an excuse for depression was doing little good, we were called in for her BMI check. The duckling trotted along with the so called ‘nurse’ and I followed carrying her bag, glasses, scarf and hat and feeling like a maid to Maya Memsab! Anyways her BMI check was apparently high and the look on the attendants face made me amused and her sad! She was furious when she caught me smiling and as a penance I had to step on the BMI checker (things you have to do – to keep a friendship intact!!!). I stepped on it and didn’t even bother to read my report!
The doctor did the rest of the damage – she was shown a plethora of packages to do her good – all that sexy confident things were repeated and somewhere it made me scream out whether those excess inches where really the cause of all her problems and not her jobless and husbandless status! She looked at me and I gave her the ‘you are lovable just the way you are’ look! She shot ‘what will you understand’ look back at me and asked the doctor a package for me! Before I could open my mouth in protest the doctor informed that I was only 3 kgs over weight and hence they had no weight reduction package for me but if I wanted I clould sign up for blah blah blah (you think I would bother listening to the latter part after the former was pronounced!) I was smiling (from inside) all the way home and then as I stepped in for lunch I couldn’t wonder at how ‘change’ had crept in life!
From the pink elephant who was asked to lose 30 kgs if she was to survive a healthy life to the present me (who is still on the heavier side) who was pronounced healthy today – change has amused me today!
Speaking about change when I read Minal’s post today I couldn’t help but reflect on another aspect of change! Of how she’s stuck by her passion and I have just let it flow by somewhere on the pretext of change! Similarly today morning as a friend messaged me that he was going to wish Sachin at a special program at Wankhade and I couldn’t help but message back ‘pass on my wishes’ – I again reflected on change!
In 1996 a little pony tailed girl stood near the pitch at Eden Garden’s while her other team members were busy taking an afternoon time out. The curious cat in her had just learnt last evening from her uncle bits and pieces of the cricket pitch and so she had snuggled out of her camp to have a close look. She knew that the teams had arrived and that if seen hell would break lose but still she had ventured out when she spotted him with another known face. She hoped that he wouldn’t notice her but then again he did and asked what was she doing there. When she informed him that she was checking the pitch the other person chuckled and asked if she liked cricket. She said yes, more than she liked to study. The man asked her if she liked him, she looked at him and with a straight face answered No! He wasn’t bemused instead he asked a simple “why”? To which the child replied that “because people like you more than Azhar”! As they laughed she ran away fearing that they would hand her over to her mentors!
That little girl was me and the other men were Sachin Tendulkar and Ajay Jadeja – the scenario was 1996 Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony at Eden Gardens, Calcutta where I had performed! While I never met him closely again this memory had till date retained its place. More so for the fact that as I grew up to worship Azhar for all his makings and doings and even vouched to call a press conference when the Court handed him down a clean chit, the Sachin fervor somewhere unknowingly seeped in!
As I understood strokes, understood judgment, timing and placement and drew those scribbles during my Physics lectures in order to come out with a perfect field setting I could mail Azhar (smile smile – I have no regrets!), I could help but place Sachin in one of the most important positions.
Years later when I debated with Harsha (during the fateful Indian Pakistan one-day(er) at Eden) and Charu Sharma searched for the ‘father of this bundle of fire’ Sachin was somewhere the hero in denial!
My incomplete cricket manuscript is more about a lot of cricketers than Sachin, but then when I wonder as to ‘why’ I know that somewhere the answer is that if I mention Sachin the number of dedicated ages would be more than I can handle!
Today with Azhar’s name in yet another FIR (courtesy Sania-Shoaib fiasco) I somehow can’t help but smile at the change that has come over me that instead of feeling bad about the former I am feeling more anxious about Sachin’s playing the finals tomorrow!
This is how yet another change has bemused me!
I know many would find this gibberish but then you have to know my passion for the game to relate. You have to be a witness to all those nights I have spent up trying to get to the grip like “Lee’ or understand with two scraps of paper in front of me where Cronje’s field setting won over Waugh’s!
To end I am glad that there are a few changes that graced my life! No that doesn’t mean that I am dismissive of the past I once clung on to – I still love the Pink elephant me and Azhar is still my hero – but then again the set of changes that both the situations in my life has made me glad and wise.
As Sri Chinmoy said:
Change! Change!
If not, you will suffer.
Change! Change!
You will prosper.
Brave, brave the old!
If not, you will die.
Brave, brave the new!
You will fly.
How true it is – a healthy body and more cricket enriched mind that is what change of perspectives have begot me and I am glad. I am also sad that I have killed a passion in the garb of change, but then i’ll let that be today and bask in the happiness that I got to read “If Cricket is Religion Sachin is God“!
So when has change made you so glad?
OH BTW : Happy Birthday Sachin!