The morning seemed pretty ruffled today. Have been suffering from a bad Migraine attack for the past 2 days and by the looks of it this time it’s a 5 day attack and not a usual three day one :(! Home-alone doesn’t exactly looks pleasing now, but guess I can live it by because of the serenity it has to offer – any sans sound world looks good to live in!
The morning newspaper did little good by pointing out what is becoming of the profession I hold so dear and in fact am a part of! My comment on IHM’s very apt “post” shows my disturbed state of mind. I messaged X in the morning instead of calling in the fear of starting off a bad weekend for me – fearing my sullenness and snappy mood will rub off on him! I didn’t talk to Dad (am feeling guilty now :() and I didn’t even reply properly to my BF over Gtalk! All in all I am very Bad Bad Bad and Pink Floyd on my play list is doing nothing to uplift my mood!
I know IHM is right when she says that ‘if not contracts they would have found some other way’, but somewhere today I am too strongly feeling about how professionals are bending the law using their acumen just for material gain and NOTHING else! Rest all is make believe! This is not what I wanted when at the age of 12 I declared that I only wanted to be a lawyer! And then this made me realize that today I stand to say this on the birthday of the man who inspired me to take up the pen and also the profession – William Shakespeare!
It was my mother who had inspired me to take up Shakespeare. An avid reader herself she helped me found many a life’s answers in those plays! By the time I had picked them up in school I had mostly read abridged and relatively easy versions. It was then my English mentor (I remember her still Mrs. Chatterjee) who introduced me to the joys of reading pure, untainted English and the deep meaning each subtlety and pun included!
A deeper reading of the Shakespearean texts made me realize why somebody referred me so perfectly as Cordiella (King Lear) and someone as Portia (Merchant of Venice) and while to some I could never become Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)! It made me bend down in awe before my GM and realize that she was right when she instilled in me the values of good breath and clean feet – the top priority checks for a woman of noble descendant!
Shakespeare was and still is the one in whose depths I find solace in grief, joy, ecstasy, love, hate, dejection! It was he who made me realize the acumen a lawyer should have (else the ending to Merchant of Venice couldn’t have been I still hold) or how important it is to face dejection in love (Hamlet) or how fantasy can change lives (Mid Summer Night’s Dream).
It was that man in beard whose words still woo me when I am upset and refuse to listen to look into my lover’s eyes. It is still his men whose words “what’s in a name?” still hides for me the humility life expects from me. To me he encompasses life.
It’s true this ode would have come despite the disturbing events today. But then today I feel the urge all the more. All that is happening around to me shows nothing more than our attempt to fool people to believe who is superior. While there are so called “god-men’ today who feel they are superior because of their Godly powers there are others who bask in the glory of their so called Noble descent!
The high and mighty who recently observed that Shakespeare was no descent of the Flat Earth society but was actually an 17th century Earl who wrote using a pseudo-name!
Late last year this 200 year old Contest of the Will was reopened, when the “English Judges” read:
“Nonetheless, since the 19th century, some have argued that only a nobleman could have produced writings so replete with intimate depictions of courtly life and exotic settings far beyond England.”
While I felt disgusted reading the above, the “ James Shapiro ” voiced my feelings when he said:
“To deny that Shakespeare’s plays could have been written by a man of relatively humble background is, after all, to deny the very possibility of genius itself—a sentiment increasingly attractive in a democratic culture where few harsh realities are so unpalatable as that of human inequality. The mere existence of a Shakespeare is a mortal blow to the pride of those who prefer to suppose that everybody is just as good as everybody else.”
How true is the above in today’s context also – to say these men are the descendants of God and hence posess super power is to take away mortality from them – the basic thing that defines each one of us – and to place them in an illusory pedestral. To think that each thing they do to be a miracle is to lose the faith that a commoner can fhave in his/her beliefs? To attribute all success in life to the teachings/blessings of such men is to abstain from giving yourself the compliment of your hard work!
We are all that because we chose to be this way – there’s no destiny which is pre-written or can be written by devine interference,. Spirituality, religion can open your minds and show you ways but it is you who choses that and walks or just sits by. We are all mortals, there’s nobody above or below. To attributes shades of brilliance to an hierachy is an illusion we have lived by through generations! To attribute your success to the amount of donation (oops devotion) you pay to a particular God Man is to not have faith in your own calibre!
Just as no wrong can be made a right even under the garb of serving God, no act of heroism/intelligence can be attributable to some third party grant of powers. Just as Gulzar said in “ Michealangelo ”– “I am the same Jesus, whom you are now painting as Judas!”
So just as “A rose calleth by any other name would smell as sweet” , a bad deed under the garb of any so caled religious cover would continue to stink!
Shakespeare taught me this too!
Dude- wherever you are I am hapy that you are not alive to witness your descent and your writings be questioned for today standing here I know one thing that whatever you would have penned today would have been too painful to read and accept. But then am wondering what would these men attribute that verse to – your near God expirience for all these years that has set you apart? Oh btw – Happy Birthday!
I can almost picture you reading this and saying “The worst is not, So long as we can say, ‘This is the worst.’ ” – King Lear Quote (Act IV, Scene I)