I don’t remember my exact age (yea I know I can calculate but I prefer to leave the maths behind!) when for the first time I saw my dad losing a temper on a child who was not his kid! This little cousin of mine was playing our eternal favourite game of “Antakshari” with me at a family picnic. While I stuck to my kiddy songs and a few old Bengali songs picked up from GM’s radio, this cousin of mine enthralled me with her knowledge of the then popular Bollywood songs. She apparently had a lot of access to television in comparison to my weekly hour of Duck Tales and Ramayana!
Anyways coming back to the game (where no doubt I was losing miserably) she happened to sing the then most scandalized song of “Sexy Sexy” from Khuddar! My father who was standing at an earshot slowly crept up from behind and waited for her to complete the entire song with her animations. And then the hell broke lose – while then I did not understand why she was scolded I knew that she had said something bad and hence ‘sexy’ came to stick around as a bad word! Grew up to realize that more than my cousin (who’s now herself a mom) it was her parents who were to be pulled up then, but still for a long time couldn’t use the word ‘sexy’ at home.
Things have changed now, with my easily using swear words in front of friends colleagues and restricted members of family, but still mature words from kids leave me baffled. Somewhere the mind and the heart do not want to understand the loss of innocence on grounds of enormous exposure.
While discussing reality television shows I have time and again vouched against kid participants (hating their parents all the more who smile away to glee at sick adult jokes being cracked by their bundle of (corrupted) innocence!!!), no matter how cute they have looked. I have even joined the anti Barbie league while gifting dolls to kids and hooked them up to “Dora” instead! But then again instead of feeling furious at the kids I have always blamed the parents. And today as I stood there at the mall waiting for Y, a small kid singing beside me “Tu Gandi Achi lagti hai” made me look at his mother (supposedly else why will he call her Mummy!) with blood shot eyes. I guess my look was so furious that she asked me if her kid had done anything to me – but as I puffed away I wanted to say – not me woman, look at what you have done to your kid!
I don’t know what the world is to become when my little diva blesses the world and I don’t even know what kind of a mother I am to become. But yes I prefer to be the old fashioned mother of a little angel who will still sing Old Mc Donald rather than a concocted version of “Tu Nangi Achi Lagti Hai”! So I add the above today to my already existing list of promises I have made to my yet-to-arrive baby “here
Sorry my unborn child your dream of a ‘cool mom’ ends here. Amen.
(P.S: I don’t know if you guys have heard this song, but do hear it to get repulsed of Kailash Kher – I somewhere felt he didn’t stand out to be a socially responsible professional!)