Dear Chick,

Yes I know it’s you, coz my grandmother used to say that male species can never have tender skin and if they do – well let’s not get the old lady scandalised any more by the Supreme Court judgment!
That evening as I mustered up a feast as my parents house for all their friends to show off the new recipe I had gathered from a long lost friend – the look on each one of their faces as they dug into your tender and juicy legs was one of ecstasy, contentment and pure pleasure . As they all quoted Shakespeare to recollect that the love of food is the purest of all love, I stood there praising myself for surviving the heat brilliantly.
Yes I admit it didn’t once cross my mind as to how you felt on those heated charcoals as I stood by the same, ensuring that you are being charred to perfection. Although I took all the praises that were shot at my endurance level and graciously accepted those Barcadi re-fills beyond my ‘permissible limit (at home)’ disregarding Ma’s glares shamelessly!!!

But then yesterday as I stood out in the sun at mid-day – directly exposed to the ultra violet rays which charred me in the pretext of tanning, I did look up to the brilliant bright spot in the sky and mutter a prayer for you along with the curses.

So today I promise that I will not char you again in that sweltering atmosphere!!!

Nah please don’t bow down to my noble thoughts and yes thank you for understanding that it’s difficult. Yes, I know that my friends might think I am chickening out – oh sorry for such a exemplerary usage of a metamorphical phrase – but then it’s for (y)our good and hence I stick to my ground!



P.S: Winters would be fine right? I mean seeing the extreme temperature fluctuation I think we both could stand the heat. And anyways being kept away from your ‘charred’ side for 6 months is penance enough right?

P.P.S: Cold cut salad would make you feel good right? Give you respite?