One of the oldest and funny memories of childhood includes visiting my grandmother in Darjeeling … both sisters sleeping with her in the middle and then next morning waiting for her to praise us for our nice sleeping postures ;p!!! My GM had been very particular about how a girl should sleep and hence there used to be innumerable number of lectures each holiday season on the importance of a good posture in bed!
While in childhood we basically tried adhering to that for the little treats it brought at night from Gm, including a few extra “shushuri” (pampering – that’s the best I could come out with!) strokes and promises of not being fed ‘squash ki sabzi’ the next day, slowly the pleasures of sleeping ousted all other little pleasures! And we both horrified her the last time we were found sprawled across on my bed and our postures suggested ‘the fittest n the mightiest survive here’!
While Didi never won, I basically managed for the minuscule amount of space that Didi used to bestow me with on our bed, but then single rooms assured that I too somewhere lost out in the race when my father’s genes caught on. So while still you’ll see (on ur tv screens) the perfect n the demure Indian girls sleeping still with one hand under their head and a small smile on their face even at devil’s hour… come to my house n you’ll see a raised bum face buried in the pillow… for even in my sleep am not girly!

Me and Hobbes while we turn the house upside down everyday in our own crazy way, this is how we are found when the sun peeps out of the stacks of hay 🙂

Right now going ahead to resume the above position and visit Never land, Wily Winkie on my window 🙂 … And in case you hovered around the photo to see my raised bum…. sorry couldn’t oblige you with that temptating and scincillating nightly parting gift! ;P