I spent the entire day today waiting for a never-to-hit-my-mailbox kind of a mail and just when I thought that I should just log off and start from home, another mail proved to be a god send gift…
It made me smile and even do a little chicken dance I think coz otherwise my colleagues wouldn’t be staring at me right???
I am living a part of that big dream I have spun for myself… World Bank acknowledges my work and has cited my proposed model of “public private partnership’ in their working paper on E-Governance. Yea, its less to say I am elated, I feel humbled. It’s as if I am living a dream that I yet again ctrl F to search my name in the file.
I have dreamt of this and yes the name looks as good as it looked in my dream.
It may not be a big feat but I don’t care… it’s not for all to understand how I feel… it’s for me to experience the joy and to some extent those who have lived with me – my parents, my friends who have found me up at odd hours just to be typing or reading or mumbling something because the paragraph just didn’t seem right…
But yes when it comes to dedicating this feat I become the Calvin who bows down to his transmogrifier without whom I would be the little fat round pink elephant who was good for nothing but empty fantasies!
As of now… i don’t care if the house is empty as I raise a toast to myself…. 🙂