Am just back from my nephew’s birthday dinner. And though I’m conscious that I am not to sound like a ‘didima’ but still can’t help wonder that it seems just yesterday that he was born and today he turned 7!!!
Seven years back when Bhaiya called me to say that Bhabhi was to go in labour, I was more ecstatic than tensed. Ya a part of that excitement arose from the fact that my bro is a doc and the other half from the belief that nothing could go wrong with that wonderful lady my bro had chosen to wed!
The little master was already out when I reached the hospital and when they first handed me over to him, I was too stunned to react. The red little baby in my hand was the same one whose kicks I had felt in Bhabhi’s tummy. It seemed straight out of those dream-come-true movies.
For the last 7 years that I have spent with him in the city and over the phone, not only I have seen him grow closely but also grown up with him. I have learnt that there’s no greater happiness than rocking a baby to sleep and also that a baby binds the entire family with an unseen ‘Fevi Quick’!
But today my baby’s grown and he rattled the same all day till b threatened to make him small again!!! *sniff*….*sniff* …. I miss his sippy cups and that Johnson smell.. but love the fact that he still calls me ‘Pipi’ instead of the monotonous Pishi.
How could I not be excited about today and so had left no stone unturned last week to coax his parents to celebrate his birthday. B is on a trip to teach him austerity it seems as she announced that it shall be strictly a family affair, that there would be no thematic parties or lavish spreads. I was stunned felt like bowing down to her, later restrained myself when I came to know that she was surviving without maids for the last one week and hence this decision!
But I couldn’t see my little baby sad, but was also conscious that B was not to encourage the
c(ake)rative me, so rattled my brains to make me cookies. He’s right now hooked on to BenTen and Doremon (which I mispronounced as DoCoMo in a shop and still have to listen about this blunder each time I meet him and apologize for my ignorance) and so to come up with the designs wasn’t difficult. But the difficulty lay in the fact that I had timed them badly and was skeptical that they won’t dry. But then all was well and he loved it.

The dinner was fun, he was more interested in the cookies than the books I got him and it was vice versa for B! I just realized today that B has given birth to her husband … he’s turned out to be this mini edition of my super giant brother. And while I chatted to B n B I noticed him doing something in his room. I went up to his door but he wouldn’t allow me in. Later I got engrossed in the food and forgot all about it.

But just as I was about to leave he presented me with the sketch he had been making for me all day. It was only beautifully made, but somewhere the very fact that he made it for me with so much love made me melt. As I kissed him, he excitedly asked if I liked ‘me’. When I looked baffled, he pointed at the lion in the picture whom he had tagged as “Pipi” … (click on the pic below to enlarge and see) I was more than honoured. But B being B and a Mom quickly pointed out that a Lion is a Boy and that Pipi was a girl… but then he’s my baby…he looked at the picture then at me, then at B and answered … “You only say that there’s no difference between Boy and Girl … so as there was no space to write ‘lioness’ I wrote ‘lion’“.

We all saw through his story but were too overwhelmed by the lesson he had incorporated to let him know that. *And also because I was considered to be the most powerful of the lot* – I knew he would be the only one who would grow up to understand me and I was so correct!

My baby has truly become a big boy – the one to be proud of!
Love you my darling!

Happy Birthday!