The little girl played on the stairs as the family luncheon continued in the room below. Elderly family issues were being discussed, not without a sprinkle of topics that concerned her. All eyes were on the sumptuous spread, but still glances were stolen to look at her. The servants were tipped to serve and attend all those who were seated, but also to notice the needs of the Babyji.
A little thud and all hands and eyes froze. The little pair of feet had slipped down the stairs. Ten pairs of feet scampered to be with her. Two pairs of feet ran to bring in ice. Fifteen pairs of ears were ready to pick up unending wails. Twenty pairs of eyes were already moist thinking of those incessant tears that were to fall.
After a moment of freeze, what seemed in the present time zone like forever as all the eyes were fixed upon the doe shaped black little eyes that peered at them from behind those curly locks, a set of white tooth appeared to relieve them. The little feet were back on the stairs, those little palms brushed off all the illusory dirt, those curly locks refused any aid. Their little bundle of joy went back to her dangerous game, announcing that she was fine and a big strong girl now, who didn’t cry on such falls and could bounce back from them on her own.
After a few relieved sighs, after a few *tsking of the tongues, the luncheon resumed, but the fervor was different. There were smiles indeed at the well being of the brave little one. But there was disappointment at the little child growing up to be self reliant; at the realization that now each fall could be dealt by her independently and that no adult hands were needed to put her back to her feet and wipe her tears.
After what seemed like uncountable falls, innumerable teachings on how to deal with each such slip, today when their little one had managed to master these instances, they didn’t know why their heart was heavy, why the breaths were deep and why at the thought of her growing up the burrows deepened and the mind refused to accept the fact?