Gender Across Borders is hosting a new event this year called “Blog for International Women’s Day ” commemorating United Nation’s this year’s theme- “Equal rights, equal opportunity: Progress for all!”
It’s a nice idea I feel to just pen down thoughts of what equality means to each one of us through a feminist perspective.
Here goes my post on the above theme:


Ma… I call out softly, careful not to disturb the man lying next to you,
Answer me oh mother of mine, for my life’s hours are few!
You stir, you look around, the faceless voice leaves you bewildered,
I wonder whether it’s because you can’t recognize this voice so you are having me murdered?
You couldn’t read my call, but my wondering was well received,
No my dear never-to-be-born-daughter – you call out, like you I was also deceived!
But Ma, weren’t you born to one of the most educated houses?
And brought up by one of the city’s most sophisticated spouses?
You smile and you snicker,
I see a faraway look on your face amidst the sodium lamp’s flicker!
Yes, I was …. Loved, educated and taught to live,
But I forgot about the tricks of life tucked up in the sleeve!
That behind the heavy curtains of sophisticated homes,
Lie screams and cries that cannot escape the lofty domes!
That the life I was bestowed wasn’t an equal one,
And the lessons they gave at school were unrealistically spun!
But Ma, weren’t you the one who stood by other girls rights?
Who inspired other women to put up brave fights?
Yes, my dear indeed I was as you say,
But then I found life’s realistic answer in one play!
When said Panchali’s nanny to her one day,
That, nobody minds what other girls do, till women in their own family do not go astray.
That, when you came in my womb little one,
I promised to myself to give you a life equal to my son.
But then I had forgotten that equality begins with life,
And here to let you breath was strife!
I knew that those rays which penetrated my womb took your childhood away,
But a feotus has no life they say.
But Ma I’m alive, see talking to you, you can feel me can’t you?
Yes my never-to-be-born-daughter I know that’s true,
But the darkness of death is better than an abusive life, you should know that too!
So sleep my little one… sleep for a while in my womb,
For tomorrow the same is going to be re-christened as your tomb!
Equality begins with life, and I strongly believe that life begins the moment a feotus is conceived. Every healthy feotus irrespective of the difference in genitals has the right to live a dignified life. To me to respect each life crossing the borders of gender is where equality begins, rest all can wait, because without the right to life, rest all rights are futile.

This Women’s Day my idea of equality is my right to stand up against female feoticide – to make people aware that every healthy feotus has the equal right to live a dignified life!

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Happy Women’s Day 2010!


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