When people ask me what I do for a living and I reply am a corporate lawyer … the words that come out from their mouth are “Wow! Interesting”, while their expression reads “Oh! How Boring! Nerd!” Aah, well I am a Corporate Lawyer, that’s what I have wanted to be since I was 13 and now after the equal number of years in between the first desire, I am proud to have worn that robe! But yea, am not a Nerd! I love books right since childhood, the smell of old pages intrigues me still. I also refuse to believe books make you boring. I think books open up various windows of the mind. They help you to think – about life, about yourself and make you creative! Yes, books make you creative, coz they sharpen your mind. My Baba says that a young mind is like a pencil, its upto you to determine the degree of sharpness you wanna bestow on it! And I’m glad my parents introduced me to the wonderful world of books to sharpen my mind. Apart from books which made me understand word play, I am thankful to the books which have made me pick up the pencil and paint for 13 years and helped me paint my dreams red :)!!! Being a trained creative artist from Vishwa Bharati (Shanti-Niketan – The University of art set up by Tagore) I had often wondered as to how I have wasted that piece of paper that my Mom has loving tucked away in my file. 2 years ago, I had chanced on the same piece of paper and it seemed to stare back and me and challenge me to utilize the potential that I had. I thought I had lost it, but then a few sketches later, I realized it’s still there. While Oil colours still are a bit difficult for me, charcoal and crayons still love the way my fingers handle them 🙂 …. And it was this sudden relation that urged me to be c(ake)reative! It all started with me deciding to design my mom and dad’s anniversary cake. After a marathon of sketches and sweaty hours of the bakery, I thought it would be the first and last attempt but then when the same was delivered, I decided to take the journey forward. People think it’s an easy thing, but not really. Mainly because you need to know whether the design would go with the flavor you want. For example a fresh pineapple cake can never hold gum-paste roses, it has to be fresh cream ones, because of weight issues! Similarly, for kiddie parties there can never be Pink roses or Purple orchids on the cake, because the colour used often is not good for the young stomachs! So for a Barbie cake I have to often make double layer dresses, making sure that the hard coloured crest is white vanilla covered with pink sugar and not cream! If I made any sense… clap! Since the last 2 years I have been designing cake for family and close friends and today I thought I’ll do myself honours by showcasing a few of my creations. I don’t do it professionally, but ya do charge a few huggies and kissies if the intended recipient likes my creation. So here are a few samples:

The Rose Cake:
This was one of my first creations. The main problem with this cake is that it looks like a BIG cabbage as a pic! Lolz! But ya in front it does look pretty. Although it seems to have a lot of hard sugar around, the same can be substituted with fresh cream if used in winters. Another main disadvantage is that it cannot be made in less than 6 pounds, it loses its beauty if done that is. Also while doing a hard crust one, you cannot have any fresh fruit cake fillings!

The Vanity Bag Cake:
Purple tongues look good on adults 😉 … it’s Ma’s face that prevent me from putting up an apt purple tongue picture, but ya the cake was yummy! And the best part that it looked so real that a few people actually overlooked it thinking it was a real bag! The little rose was to break the mundane color scheme and add a little zing. Again the challenge was to make it eggless and not have sugar coating. Fresh cream was not possible as it would not survive the evening and so soft sugar was used, but ya again without kids around, it usually goes a waste 😦

The Train Cake:
This was my nephew’s 5th birthday cake and it HAD to be special! Keeping in mind his Thomas fetish I decided on the train birthday theme. Again colours were a constrint, but then I learnt another trick. For train boogies I used hard sugar and smeared the fresh cream color, this ensured minimal use of color and though there were multi colored tongues all over the party, there weren’t any runny stomachs the next day.

The Flower Duplex:
This was to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Ma’s ladies club. The Duplex cake concept was simple enough to design, till I was told that it could only be of 6 pounds, had to be eggless, of fresh cream and couldn’t have nuts! Okay here I must mention that truffle chocolate cake with nuts is much better to bake coz of the goey nature which holds on the cake and helps to keep the design intact.. so it was a Bit difficult, but pulled off well in the end! But I should have avoided the flower colours as there were a lot of kids – I learnt a lesson here about little stomachs!
The Fenced heart:
This was another of Ma Baba’s Anniversary cake. The concept was to celebrate 32 years of secured life and that why I fenced the heart with chocolate pipings. Also, the roses could not be fresh cream ones as it was summer and I wanted white chocolate and dark chocolate roses. Hats, off to the Taj chef who did the cake 3 times to bring it to perfection and gum paste the most yummy tasting dark and white roses!

The Black Rose:
Baba’s Birthday cake had to be special and had to be filled with CHOCOLATE!!! It was the only time Ma wouldn’t object to his gorging on chocolate. The cake was simple to design but the gold glittering was a bit tough coz it just wouldn’t stay and would run off. But then the Taj angel stepped in (Why isn’t he single God!!!!) and we managed to find a recipe for edible gold glitters and there it was CHOCOLATE for the LITTLE BABY BOY ;P

The Tea-Cup Cake:
Again ma’s themed birthday – this time she was sad that she was aging so we the devils decided to rub it in. it was to say that No more Beer Have only Tea now ;P …. It turned out as good as it seems, but the only problem was that the hard sugar coating will go a waste if you don’t have kids who love to go high on sugar!!! The cookies though are real!

The Number 5 Cake:
This was to celebrate Didi-jiju’s 5th Anniversary. It looked simple and was simple but just coz it had to be eggless, putting those fresh cream flavors and roses was a BIT problematic! Rest it was a breeze ;P

The Beer Cake:
This one was to suit Ma’s themed birthday party, to salute her love for beer! I was very skeptical as I had decided on fresh pineapple filling, but all ended well and Ma was estatic!

Let me know which ones you liked the best. Am open to suggestions and yes orders too 😉

P:S: Do click on the photos to see enlarged versions!