As the chicken boils on the stove… I laugh at my own thoughts!!!.. how domesticated I’ve become I think.. that to me now everything has a corelation to spices….. till now I had only thought that the hands that smelled of YSL n now smells of ghee and cumin.. was the only thing that had changed… but now the turmeric I just sprinkled has left an imprint on my tender mind I think !!! (n yes.. the word “tender” made me think of “tender juicy chicken”!!!!)
I just discovered today that all unpleasant thoughts/emotions/reactions that we have… we face .. can so much be co-related to Salt and Pepper!!!! yes .. yes.. salt and pepper… and before the jaws stiffen at this.. let me unveil the mystery.. let me explain…..
I realised today that when people put forward unpleasant words… our reactions are usually like “salt” or “pepper”!!!! ….
Salt.. the most essential of all ingredients in the food often turns the food around in excess… and just when putting off the stove .. u spoon up a bit of curry only to find the excess salt.. ur eye winks and jaw twitches and you do the damage control…. Some unpleasant words are just like that…. Just when you think that the words coming from the person in front are the most important ingredient in your life…. there comes an excess pinch of salt that makes u wince and twitch… but then again the pinch like in food is harmless… and can be managed… you seldom are injured by it…. they can easily be winked and twitched and forgotten and after a bit of damage control and seasoning with other words .. be easily digested…. or if too bad be gulped down .. being rest assured that the gastronomical genes of mine would not act up at night :D….
And then comes the pepper….. the one you are allergic too.. the one which since childhood…. has no apparent reaction.. and which when complained off.. makes people think that you are making up… but who’ll explain these mortals that merely lack of physical evidence does not justify my putting up with a “twitching nose” and a weird “wanting to sneeze” experience all night long!!!!… Some words and people spurting them are just like that… you know that you are allergic to the kind… but then people around you find no apparent reason for hating them…. these are the people who I just dealt with this evening…… “who say words which not only hurt my dignity but act like pepper… and although sticking to my principles I seldom react…. the people who shoot them… make me allergic and aversive to the minds that can conjure up such thoughts…..
I know it’s strange but then again the same words some from a “salty” mouth doesn’t sound as bad as them from a “Peppery” mouth… It’s like a comparison of the same recipe made by your Mom and the Mess wala Joshi Ji… the hands (here minds/heart and your connection to it) that conjures up the dish…. the love sprinkled or the sarcasm coated with… makes all the difference… if that makes any sense!!!
But alas…. as I said its all about Salt and Pepper.. and that’s why perhaps u can never avoid them… coz no matter what dish you order .. you don’t know what the chef prefers… excess salt or a dash of pepper…. and its the chef and his attitude that makes the food gullible… as for now.. although I discovered that the room has a lot of “pepper” sprinkled…. I have decided that its better I overlook comments in order to survive here….

and that it’s better if I take all things with a “pinch of salt” :P…… even the “pepper”!!!!