I have been meaning to write this post for quite sometime now…. Esp. one morning.. while the entire city sleeps…. As I awake each day at 6… to tend to the “needs” of the doodhwala… gaddi dhone wala and the newspaper wala…. And the kachra wala (yeah I have to satisfy a loot of needs early in the morning :P! ) …. The “smell” of the morning air refreshes me….N today with the smell of spring in this early morning air…. it’s a perfect timing…
Nothing energizes me than the smell of steaming hot chocolate milk on a rainy day with the surroundings drenched with the smell of the musky earth… its like bliss set in a high background dripping with romance and passion that makes me go into a frenzy and dazed mode till my bai pulls me out of it … !!!!
I love the smell of my Body shop wash… like the way it lingers on my body long after the bath is over… and the Sandalwood oil that follows makes me feel like the goddess out of my latest book titled “love stories from the Mahabharata”…. But alas the Boss’ly figure waiting in office jerks me back to reality … and in aid comes the cuckoo clock….
I have always been fascinated by smells… one of the greatest fears of my childhood was losing myself during sleep… I had this unknown fear of getting lost in sleep (too much of a Hansel and Gretel hangover!) and thus used to clutch Ma’s saree… to the effect that she often had to oblige the sleeping beauty at the behest of changing into another one for going about work…. Another distinct memory used to be Baba’s stationing at London… I used to dread those trips that took him away…. And Baba understood it better than anybody else… for right from the birth its been him in whose arms I have had the most perfect sleep…. And that’s why perhaps the evening before his departure as he explained me how important it was for him to leave and how he was rest assured leaving Ma and didi with me… coz I was the best care taker around…. I struggled hard not to cry and to do justice to this newly bestowed adulthood… But right after he boarded the flight from Jamshedpur to Kolkata enroute London…. I knew better than to be found by anyone… and was later… much later discovered inside one of the cupboards… having cried myself to sleep clutching Baba’s night-coat!!!
Bibi’s saree that smelled of spices and Pishi’s hair that always was freshly shampooed.. Didi’s deodorants that were not allowed on my tender skin…. And the stray dog’s flea stinks… they all had a charisma of their own….
I still believe that each house has a smell of its own… a distinct smell that defines the house… and it’s a game I play in every newly visited place or house….
The sticker for smells that I am…. I love it myself when I smell good… and I always try to smell good… a habit I picked up from my grandmother…. Who used to say as she poured eud’ cologne in her bath everyday… that a girl from her good family is known by her sweet smell and pretty feet… and I stick to that still!!!… Later Shakespeare through his plays reinforced the belief in me….. Sweet smells from perfumes… from oils have since stuck by me…. And till now whenever my hands do not smell good I have a dab of perfume to my rescue no matter where I am!!!!

There’s another smell that I find irresistible these days… I am told it’s of the Fred Ferrari… I don’t know what I find more irresistible… the smell or the stiffing of the jaws beneath that smell… but yea it’s definitely intoxicating!!!!

Smells define moments… smells define passion…. Smell make you lustful… smells make you intoxicated…. The smell of freshly shampooed hair… the smell of a rain drenched field… the smell of a long lost book…. The smell of a childhood dress (kept carefully tucked away by your mom for your kid!)…. The smell of Johnson’s from Mridu… the smell of my favorite hand-wash…. the smell of solace in someone’s arms… these are a few of my favorite things …